Micropicker MPC100

Shortens picking times and improves selectivity of picking

The Micropicker is the first picking tool for the selection and collection of particles such as mineral grains with a size of 30µm-1000µm. It is specifically designed for use in scientific research. This unique tool shortens picking times and improves selectivity of picking.
The Micropicker has a retractable needle for the isolation of the grain to be picked. After retracting the needle the nozzle can be positioned near the grain which is sucked up and collected in the vial.


The design of the Micropicker is optimized to significantly reduce picking times and improve the selectivity of picking. The design of the picker and accessories is based on decades of experience in the mineral handling field and is the standard in this field. The Micropicker can be tuned to pick grains of different size, form or weight. It comes with two flow meters in different ranges and with the control valves, the optimal air flow can be set. An extensive range of nozzles is included to fit your specific grain sample. 


 The Micropicker set is well equipped and contains everything that is needed to start picking. Different trays and a funnel help you prepare the sample, all nozzle sizes are added to fit your specific grain sample and vials and filters are added to collect your sample.
Picking with the Micropicker set requires no other infrastructure than an electrical appliance and can be used in any lab or office environment. The set is fully portable and can be deployed in any lab or research site.


  • The Micropicker set is ready to start.
  • The Micropicker shortens picking times and improves selectivity of picking. 
  • The set is equipped with all the accessories to efficiently pick your sample. 
  • Picking range is 30µm - 1000µm. 
  • Handy carry in set, fully portable and deployable on site. 
  • Table top set which needs only electrical appliances.

Standard system components

  • Micropicker with container and retractable needle
  • 2 hoses 
  • Power adaptor 
  • Vacuum pump 
  • Two flow meters with control valves in the ranges 1-5 Ltr/Min and 0.1- 1.0 Ltr/Min 
  • 12 x 5 nozzles in the range 0,1mm – 1,54mm. 
  • Picker holder 
  • Strew container 
  • Picking tray
  • Funnel 
  • 10 Filters 10µm 
  • 50 Vials 2 ml 
  • Robust case


The Micropicker has been developed at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in close collaboration with scientists of the Geology and Geochemistry department , lab technicians of the Mineral Separation lab and the technicians of the Mechanical engineering group of the science faculty.  In the Benelux the Micropicker is sold through Vereenigde Dijkstra 

Read the credential of Jan Wijbrans, professor of Geology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam about the Micropicker MPC100.

More information

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