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Marja Lamoree, professor in Analytical Chemistry for Environment & Health about working with equipment of the electronic and mechanical department of the VU.

Development of the FractioMate™

I’ve been working on a project focusing on High Throughput Effect-Directed Analysis, using microfractionation into 96-384 well plates, miniaturized bioassays and HRMS for identification. At the heart of the project I worked in close collaboration with Jeroen Kool of the Biomolecular Analysis Group of the Vrije Universiteit, under whose supervision the microfractionation device called the FractioMate™ was developed. The design and production was done by the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Groups. The Water Laboratory in Haarlem, NL is our ‘field’ partner in the development and uses a first proto system every day.

Use of the FractioMate™

The FractioMate™ has enabled us to carry out high throughput EDA studies, as described in the papers attached by Jonkers et al. and Zwart et al., who were both PhD students on the project. Now that the project has come to an end, we’re looking at ways to make this technology available to our colleagues and friends.
The FractioMate™, a contact-free high frequency droplet ejection spotter device for high throughput Effect-Directed Analysis. It is the bridging unit integrating biological toxicity responses with chemical data, such as mass spectrometry. The unit is placed directly post-column after chromatographic separation thereby allowing high resolution fractionation of an environmental extract, while at the same time via a split chemical data such as mass spectrometric data is acquired.

Advantages of the FractioMate™

In our lab, the implementation of the FractioMate™ has led to an enormous gain in throughput for our EDA studies. Maybe you can benefit from this development, we would be happy that discuss any application or modification to make the FractioMate™ suitable for your setting.

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