Innovative products for leading and cutting-edge research

FractioMate™ FRM100

A contact-free high-frequency spotter device, ejecting droplets for HT-EDA.

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Amsterdam Piezo Valve

Short and intense pulsed atomic and molecular beams for research in physics and chemistry.

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Ambulatory Monitoring System

Monitoring system for non-invasive continuous measurement of autonomic nervous system activity.

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Interactive Walkway

Experimental instrumented augmented-reality walkway intended for use in scientific research on walking.

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About us

The VU-Technology Centers team up with the VU research groups to develop the technical solutions. Solutions and products scientists need for doing leading and cutting edge research. The TC’s have set Tec4Science (T4S)  to provide an easy gateway to bring these technical solutions to the market and to enable other research parties in the world to tap this technology.

Over the last two decades the VU-Technology Centres have been making lab setups into commercial products. Tec4Science is a solid and reliable partner for both scientists and commercial partners in delivering high quality products.

We hope that one of the T4S products can bring your research forward. Please contact us if you have any questions about the T4S products or any other technical solution we made for our scientists.